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The role of a guardian

On Behalf of | Jun 22, 2020 | Uncategorized |

It is a fact of life that as some people age, they become less able to take care of themselves and make important decisions. This can occur for a variety of reasons, including disease, an accident that causes a physical disability or simply the aging process. In fact, it may be necessary for someone to be chosen as a guardian.

While a parent can name someone to serve as a guardian of a minor in a will, it may also be necessary for a court to appoint someone to serve in this position in some situations, including for adults who are no longer able to make decisions for themselves. A spouse, parent, relative or state employee could be appointed, but the court typically gives preference to someone who is acquainted with the ward. The court will likely consider several issues when appointing someone such as the potential guardian’s character, physical capabilities and history, among other attributes.

A guardian has several responsibilities regarding the care of his or her ward, including making a variety of different decisions. This can include agreeing to medical care, managing the ward’s finances and making arrangements for his or her education. The guardian is also responsible for ensuring that necessities, such as clothes and food, as well as personal and household items, are purchased for the ward.

Life can sometimes be unexpected. Often, people in Florida are left feeling that it is in the best interest of a loved one to have a guardian who can ensure that his or her best interests are met. Having an attorney with experience with elder law providing guidance can help with the process.