Compassionate Advocacy, Dedicated Service

Legal Guidance For Entrepreneurs, Business Owners And Multigenerational Businesses

When Palm Harbor area residents and people elsewhere in the region look for legal advice for starting, operating or passing on businesses, they often turn to The Law Office of Anne Sunne Freeman. Attorney Sunne Freeman helps clients take the long view as they devise and implement plans that will ensure success over time.

Ms. Sunne Freeman thrives on her role as a “generational attorney” for many in the business world. She helps owners strategize what their businesses should look like five, 10, 20 and 40 years in the future. At the same time, she equips them with just-right-sized legal services so they can launch and grow their enterprises for the present.

Full-Service Business Counsel For Local Small Businesses

Whether for a solo business owner or for successive generations in the same family or business structure, attorney Sunne Freeman helps small business owners with all aspects of business law, from formation to expansion and, ultimately, sale or dissolution.

Potential clients are welcome to ask for help with any of the following:

  • Choosing an entity for a new business (such as an LLC, partnership, S corps or sole proprietorship)
  • Carrying out day-to-day operations, encompassing real estate leases, employment law issues and contracts (drafting, revising, negotiating and formalizing)
  • Creating employee manuals and other human resources (HR) materials
  • Complying with legal requirements for business organizations, such as documenting meetings with minutes and annual reports
  • Preparing for, and carrying out, transitions in the life of a business such as mergers, acquisitions, sale of a business, dissolution or changes of ownership
  • Creating, incorporating and carrying out business succession plans, which may include promoting and educating family members and/or business partners who will eventually assume leadership

Consult With An Attorney Who Will Set Your Business On A Path To Succeed

Attorney Sunne Freeman’s estate planning practice often overlaps with business succession planning for small business owners. As the daughter of an attorney, she brings both compassion and practicality to the table. She sets clients on paths that prevent litigation while fostering elements of success.

Ms. Sunne Freeman views her role as one of helping each business owner start and maintain stable paths to viability and profitability while complying with local, state and federal regulations. She works with a range of types of businesses, from home decor boutiques to health care practices and more.

To schedule a consultation on starting, operating, evolving or winding down a business in Florida, call 727-361-2472 or send a message.