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Helping You Understand Trusts, Wills And Probate

The Law Office of Anne Sunne Freeman in Palm Harbor, Florida, is an experienced and skilled law firm in probate and trust law. With more than 11 years of experience, attorney Anne Sunne Freeman can provide you the guidance you need in addressing trusts, wills and the probate process.

Many Facets Of Probate

Probate is the process in which a will is validated, assets are determined, bills and taxes are paid, disputes are settled and assets are distributed. It can take a lot of time, but is necessary. During this process, an attorney can advise estate representatives, executors or beneficiaries in settling the estate. Many tasks are involved, including:

  • Selling estate property
  • Distributing assets
  • Paying taxes and outstanding bills
  • Settling disputes between beneficiaries

Ms. Sunne Freeman relies on a collaborative approach in her practice, occasionally contacting legal colleagues for additional insight when needed. She and her team are effective and ready to protect your estate.

Revocable And Special-Needs Trusts

Trusts provide an advantage in that they allow you to manage your assets while still alive. There are many types of trusts, and Ms. Sunne Freeman and her team can help you in working with:

  • Revocable trusts: Compared with a will, a revocable or living trust has many benefits. For example, you can change the terms of the trust any time, maintain your privacy since a trust is not a matter of public record like a will is, and avoid the probate process, which can be time-consuming and costly.
  • Special-needs trusts: These trusts provide money for disabled children after their parents die. Ms. Freeman has personal experience in this area in helping care for her brother who has special needs.

There are many details about the different roles and responsibilities of trustors and trustees that Attorney Sunne Freeman can help clarify. Personable and experienced, Ms. Sunne Freeman is an effective ally devoted to her clients.

Frequently Asked Questions About Trusts And Avoiding Probate In Florida

1. What is the disadvantage of a living trust?

There is no real disadvantage of a living trust. It is a very flexible document that can give you many avenues for distributing your assets when you pass-away. But, if you are looking at Medicaid Planning because something has happened and you must enter a nursing home, the assets in the living trust are countable assets for Medicaid purposes. You need to seek out your attorney to see what your options are when planning for a nursing home.

2. What is a Probate?

A Probate is initiated when a person dies and there are assets and bills that must be taken care of. If a person dies without a Will (intestate), or with a Will (testate), a Probate is started in the Court’s Probate Division. In the Probate the assets, debts, and beneficiaries are identified, then the debts are paid and the assets are distributed.

3. What are the best questions to ask a Probate Attorney?

Be honest and forthright with your attorney, then address any concerns you have. It can be about family dynamics, or a child that has a problem with managing money. If you have a blended family, ask about protecting your current wife if something should happen to you. If you have real property out of state, then let your attorney know and ask how best to address this issue. If you or your spouse have a degenerative disease, talk to your attorney about the future and what would be best regarding the protection of assets.

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