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As people grow older, they often encounter legal and financial challenges that require the attention of an experienced attorney.

If you are seeking elder law guidance for yourself or a loved one, The Law Office of Anne Sunne Freeman is here for you. We provide a broad range of estate planning and asset protection services for clients in Palm Harbor and throughout surrounding Florida communities.

We handle a broad range of legal issues that fall into the general category of elder law. Attorney Anne Sunne Freeman can provide you with advice and guidance regarding the following:

  • Veterans benefits: Our veterans and their spouses have resources for their everyday needs.
  • Long-term care planning: There are times in life when tough decisions must be made for loved ones who can no longer live alone. Our office can assist you with preparing to be Medicaid-ready immediately.
  • Guardianships: Sometimes life happens and a family is not prepared for an event. A loved one is left vulnerable personally and financially. When the proper powers of attorney or health care surrogacies are not in place, a family member must be placed under a guardianship. We can assist you with establishing a guardianship and then meeting the court requirements annually.
  • Asset protection: As families grow wealthier, they need to look at the best options to protect that wealth. Our office can lay out effective asset protection, giving families long-term protection no matter what the circumstances. We will ask the right questions and give families a clear path to peace of mind.

We care about our clients and handle their legal and financial matters with the utmost care and attention to detail. We will work with you personally to help you understand the legal system and how it applies to your unique situation.

Considerations For Long-Term Care Planning In Florida

When hearing the phrase “long-term care (LTC) planning,” most people naturally think of nursing home care. While nursing care is often a significant and expensive component, LTC planning is broader in scope. And it is an issue we all need to think about. Statistics show that nearly two-thirds of American adults will need help with basic daily activities at some point in their lives.

If you have a loved one who is aging and/or suffering from health issues, it’s important to start conversations about informal and formal long-term care planning. Factors to consider include:

What is the physical and mental state of your loved one? Does an aging parent suffer from frequent memory lapses that could indicate a larger problem? Is it hard for your loved one to move around the house (such as going up and down stairs) or to transport themselves outside the home? Have you noticed health issues that may be getting worse? Now is the time to take stock.

How far away are you and other family members from your aging loved one? Could you or someone else respond at a moment’s notice if your loved one experienced a problem that was serious but didn’t necessarily require an ambulance and emergency responders? Being in physical proximity often makes it easier to utilize informal LTC planning strategies, but this isn’t possible for all families.

Have you and your loved one put legal and financial safeguards in place? Many of the documents and instruments included in a typical estate plan are important aspects of long-term care planning as well, including:

  • Durable power of attorney designations (in case of incapacity)
  • An advance directive and designated health care proxy
  • Will and trust to protect assets
  • Discussions about guardianship (if your loved one is already losing capacity and it may be too late to designate power of attorney)

If your loved one has access to affordable long-term care insurance, that may also be something to consider.

It is critical to plan ahead and avoid crisis mode. Aging is inevitable, and related health problems are very likely. Unfortunately, many families fail to plan until a crisis is already upon them. This makes finding a solution much more expensive and stressful, and it limits what can be achieved – even with the help of an attorney. Therefore, it is important to educate yourself now about what can and cannot be done in advance and to have a plan in place.

Consult a lawyer with professional and personal experience. Our attorney, Anne Sunne Freeman, is passionate about helping Florida families with long-term care planning and other aspects of elder law. In addition to her many years of legal experience, she has been a caregiver to a brother with disabilities and her elderly parents. She understands that caring for a loved one can be both rewarding and highly stressful. But with her help and some thoughtful planning, you can be ready for whatever life has in store.

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